OCTOBER 19TH - NOVEMBER 1ST: Come Hell Or High Water

This is our 11th feature, Saskatoon band, Come Hell Or High Water. They filled out our short Q&A and I gotta say, they’re pretty awesome so you should check them out!

What was the first show you ever played and how many people were there?
Matt - The first ligitimate show i ever played was with the pop-punk band Crown Royal. It was a freezing cold decemember night in the middle of a saskatoon blizzard. under forty people showed up but we still had a blast.
keegan- My first show was when i played at my grad with some friends. Maybe around 50 people were there, they had to be, it was grad lol.
tim-  Definitely the end-of-week show for the TD highschool jazz intensive a few years ago. I played saxophone, and pretty well crapped my pants. I wore a beige beret. It was hot.

What was the biggest show you ever played?
Matt- Probly the die winter die show in saskatoon last year. Almost 400 people came out for the bands :)
keegan-The show at the grad, i haven’t played too many shows.
tim- Die Winter Die. Except the sound guy cut my bass, so I played, but I didn’t “play”. It was shortly after my 17th birthday, shortly after I discovered the joys of flannel and skinny jeans.

Who are your favorite bands to play shows with?
Nightswitch, hands down. they gave us vodka. Oh, and, you know, they’re cool and everything… but they gave us vodka.

Do you do any cover songs in your set?
yes and no. if we ever cover a song, its by city and colour or chief

Which songs usually get the best crowd reaction?
By far, our song “Walk Away” we always see people singing along.

Do you have any ‘memorable fan moments’?
We love our fans. anytime a fan wants to talk is the greatest feeling. Fan’s make all the work worthwhile. Tim’s favorite was when someone shouted “take me now, mysterious bass player!” He was very excited.

What do you think of social networking sites and promoting your music? (ex: Facebook/Twitter/MySpace/Bandcamp/Purevolume)
Social networkig is one of the best things to happen to musical promotion in a long time. not just is it super easy to spread our music and info about shows, it also allows us to connect with our fans. It basically saves our lives.

Who do you consider to be your main influences?
While our band has many influences in our individual styles, as a band, our main musical influences are young the giant, and city and colour, and coldplay.

What was your first concert?
Matt- Billy Talent with Rise against and Anti flag
keegan-Red Hot Chili Peppers. Hell of a band to see live.
tim- I was raised in the baggage hold of Buddy Guy’s travelling caravan. (aka my parents are concert rats, I honestly can’t remember)

firrst CD you remember buying? 
matt- that really crappy smashmouth cd, ya know? …………..no, you dont.
keegan- Gish by the Smashing Pumpkins. Great album, fantastic band.
tim- Soundtrack from PBS’ History of Jazz. Days of listening, and you can never walk in even meter again.

What was the last CD you bought?
Matt - Brothers by the Black Keys. I waited way to long to pick it up but it was deffinately worth while.
keegan-Queens Of The Stone Age- Rated R.
tim- Trees by The Read Threat

What is your favorite song?
Matt - against the grain - city and colour.
keegan- Thru The Eyes of Ruby by the Smashing Pumkins. 
tim- Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - Journey

Since we’re a blog all about Canadian music, who are some of your favorite Canadian bands/singers?
Matt- without a doubt Dallas Green. he is such an amazing/versatile singer and songwriter.
keegan-Rush. The. Only. Canadian. Band. Ever…. Ever. ….EVER.
tim- I’m going to have to go with Messages Via Carrier Pigeon and Alexisonfire. I’m loving the hardcore Canadian stuff.


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